Xing Fu Tang

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Xing Fu Tang preserves a traditional method of stir-frying sugar by hand and has developed an international business profile based on our unique beverage preparation and presentation.


Xing Fu Tang insists on using pure and natural raw ingredients and stir-frying fresh brown sugar on a daily basis. Offering a cutting-edge on-site sales performance in order to give each customer a unique visual experience, including a transparent perspective on the beverage preparation process. The simple, pure scent of brown sugar is reminiscent of childhood memories and a reachable happiness that reminds us of freshness, pureness, warmth.


We replace regular white sugar with brown one and the taste of our beverage becomes much better and more aromatic. The reason why we use brown sugar is that Brown sugar is a type of traditional delicacy that older generations in Taiwan have always enjoyed and it is used for making local snacks. Besides, brown sugar is heathier than other sugar.


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